Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What The Fever Made Me Do

The Fever made me order this last night. I don't really have a fever, but have been feeling very flu-ish since last week. Anyway, I have two frames that need tapping, chasing, or facing of the BB, one English and one Italian, so I finally convinced myself that it made sense to make the investment. Not sure about the quality -- it's described as "for the home mechanic" -- I'm sure it's not up to Park BTS-1 quality.

I also bought this. I replaced the broken spokes on the dumpster-dived Bontrager Race wheel Chad brought to me with standard 14g spokes, and that's working out nicely, but I also have to adjust some of the original spokes, which are bladed. A tool like this is necessary, I found, to prevent winding up the spoke into a "helix" rather than a blade, as the nipple is tightened. I also went over the wheel carefully, to try to determine whether there were any safety defects (looking for rim cracks, hub flange cracks, &c). The only thing I found was a set of rim wear nubs that were flat, indicating that the rim was worn. And, indeed, the braking surface is mildly concave. (Indeed?) I've ridden worse.

OK, so how do I explain this to Carol? Damn, it's the fever.

As usual, please let me know if you want to borrow either of these tools.

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