Thursday, September 2, 2010


What would Chad do? It's my new mantra.

Last weekend, I rode to Port Townsend to meet Carol, who was on a mini-cation (which included riding up Mt. Constitution on Orcas one day, and hiking it the next day). Fifty five miles, maybe, against a moderate-to-strong headwind, and moderately hilly. Next morning, I was planning to ride back to Seattle from PT, hoping to take advantage of a tailwind. Before breakfast, the wind was coming from the north. Perfect.

After breakfast, I checked again, and the wind was now coming from the south, a harbinger of the storm system that was to move in this week.

I thought about doing another 60 miles alone against the wind. On hills. Over the Hood Canal Bridge.

I punted, and rode home in the car with Carol, instead.

To be sure, part of the reason I chose to ride in the car was that I wanted to spend time with Carol at a time when I was more relaxed and optimistic than I have been in awhile.

But part of it was also because I am a wuss.

What would Chad do? He would have ridden that second day, and probably would have gone out of his way to get more miles and steeper hills.

As would Nic, Kevin, Vaughn...none of you would have given that second day's ride a second thought.

So, from now on, when I find myself vacillating about riding, I'll ask myself.

What would Chad do?