Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maybe I'll just ride around my back yard

Sea Times:
Two-year deferred sentence for crosswalk death

Also saw that the dump-truck driver who killed the cyclist on Eastlake won't face felony charges.

I couldn't eat as much as I'd like to throw up. When I'm driving in a car, I'm a citizen of the republic. When I'm riding a bike, I'm certainly something less.


Ted Diamond said...

Phil, I could not agree with you more. And this is all the more frustrating because one STP south of here, it's a different world

Ted Diamond said...

It just occurred to me, Phil -- you live very close to where the pedestrian was killed. Your kids probably walk and play not too far from there. This must strike especially close to home for you.

The judge's rationale for the perversely light sentence was that imprisoning Schwartz wouldn't bring his victim back, and hence would serve no purpose.

Since careless and distracted driving is so prevalent (I routinely see 1/3 of drivers flagrantly violating the ban on driving with a cell phone), I can see a very good purpose for imprisoning Rabbi Schwartz: its deterrent value.

(Note that 2 years ago, Schwartz hit and injured a cyclist).

He may be a nice and compassionate man, but he is also a man who repeated catastrophic behavior until it resulted in a person's death. He is a killer.

In two years, he will have his license back.