Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Bike Was Stolen...Until It Wasn't

I was downtown this evening, getting a replacement phone (I ran mine through the washer). I locked my bike to a bike rack near where I was going. When I finished and went bike. No lock. No nuthin'.

I had the adrenaline rush of panic. It's been a very long time since one of my bikes was stolen. Immediately, I started mentally tallying the damage. It was an old low-end Bianchi steel frame, well-scuffed. Cheap steel fork. Sora shifters (yes, Sora), old 105/Ultegra derailleurs, 105 Octalink crank & BB, Eggbeater 2 pedals, and basic (Tiagra hubs, Alex DM18 rims, Sapim straight spokes) self-built wheels. Durano Plus tires. All in all, not a staggering loss, monetarily.

Oh, but I loved this bike. This is the bike I used for the Passport to Pain. More than that, it just feels right, like it wants to be ridden. Cheap components, but they all work happily with each other. If this bike were a dog, it would be a chocolate Lab. Ever-ready, always happy.

As I stood there with these thoughts running through my head, I happened to glance inside the nearby Jimmy John's, and saw a bike by the counter. A large-framed bike. Minimal, aggressive, and rather cool-looking. My bike.

It turns out the guys at JJ's took my bike, along with the rack it was locked to, and carried it inside. I suppose maybe they did this because the rack was not a public rack, and this was a way of getting my attention. That, they did. But, no matter. I am just so happy the bike was not stolen. Because I love this bike!

I hope your day was as good as mine.