Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My road racing season in about 5 sentences.

Trained my ass off during the winter with Jen Wheeler, wanted to upgrade to cat3 in the first few weeks.

Had bad luck, broke collarbone, off the bike for two months.

Came back, did pretty good, got some upgrade points and my first win.

More bad luck, broke my bike's collarbone.

Upgraded after the season ended. I'm a CAT3 on the road!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

So I broke my bike.

I am in mourning.

I was in a wreck in Gig Harbor this weekend.
Earlier in the race I got second in the intermediate sprint. With 1k to go I was in the exact same position, about 15th wheel. Then there was a pile of bikes in front of me. I slammed right into some guy's ribs and went right over the bars.
I have some cuts and bruises.

My bike was not so lucky, I broke another set of expensive carbon bars and worse yet I have a big damn crimp/dent/bend in my non-drive-side chainstay. I could still ride it but would not be able to trust it at high speed or while cornering.

What can I do? It's aluminum.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Race report from Southern WA.

Due to the schedule change of LWV #1 and my wife being on a Mexican cruise I was able to get out of town to do a couple OBRA races.

Camas Twilight crit

A "C" shaped course with a three block climb, the flier said to make sure and do a couple warm-up laps due to the off-camber downhill. AWESOME!

During my warm-ups I figured that the whole race would come down to the climb since once you start descending the other side it would be hard to make up ground. I was exactly right on that note. The already small field became only four guys in the lead after just 3 laps. 3 guys shortly after that. We went as a trio for a couple laps until one guy crashed from our group before the first prime was thrown out. The other leader and I traded a couple primes and continued on and lapped what was left of the field. About halfway through the race the other guy dropped me on the climb and I could never regain ground on him.

I came in second and was the only other guy to finish all the laps. My best result to date!

Vancouver Courthouse crit

A figure 8 course that promised to be fast and fun. It was.
I was able to take a lot of warm-up laps as they canceled the 15-18 year old race. I watched most of the CAT5 race and they had a break that stuck for 15 laps and won it. I made it a point to chase down any break that looked dangerous.

The race was pretty uneventful with a couple guys going off the front, usually from going for primes. I grabbed a $5 prime myself and spent a few laps out there alone. With 15 to go I was in a 4 man break but the guys didn't seem all that interested in working. Quickly back into the field. Round and round we go until 5 to go when another prime was thrown out. One guy went for it and spent the rest of the race off the front until the second to last corner. As soon as we caught him I started sprinting and was first around the corner and held off the field for the win.

MY FIRST WIN! The guy who beat me the day before came in second.

A fabulous weekend!