Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's been a very, very long time since I've posted. That's deliberate. I've often had the impulse. But every time I've had the impulse, I've managed to remind myself: "if you're blogging or updating your Facebook status or tweeting, or expressing you current thought, you're not..." Most of the time, I've finished this sentence with "riding." I ride every day: longer, harder miles than I have in a decade. Maybe ever. Doesn't matter how, doesn't matter where, doesn't matter with whom, doesn't matter what I'm wearing or what I'm riding. Just that I do it. It is at the core of my being. Building frames, racing, joining teams, advocacy -- that's all a distraction. Enough said. Talk to you next year. Keep riding. I will.

bike vs car: cost in work hours

Urban Country recently calculated that Americans work on average two hours out of every day to pay for their cars. How much does a bicycle cost? Only 3.84 minutes.

Very conservatively, I've saved $75K over the past ten years and certainly have never felt better.

map: bike collisions in Seattle

What, the Seattle Times good for something other than the pick-up-the-dog-poo bag it comes in? (It looks like the map was done by Tableau, which would explain the lack of anti-cyclist sentiment.)

Hey, West Seattle: we look to be in pretty good stead--just stay away from the 7-11 on Harbor and a couple other places...