Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back To School

The Sno-Parks are closed today, and the Pass is closed for more avalanche control, so, with my skiing plans in shambles, I have some extra time on my hands. So I'm finalizing my arrangements for this year's classes at United Bicycle Institute.

This year, I'll be taking the Chromoly Brazing frame-building class, with the two-day TIG-welding seminar, from April 7 to April 20.

The logistics this year will be different from last year. This year, I won't be driving. Last year's adventure -- being run off the road by some guy in a pickup truck, and driving over passes in a blizzard -- have convinced me that it's just not worth it. So I'll be flying down.

I'll also be shipping a bike down to ride around on. Classes at UBI end promptly at 5, and that leaves nearly 3 hours til sunset at that time of year. Last year, I drove around and did a bit of reconnaissance, and identified some really nice country roads, including a really nice climb up Mt. Ashland. So, this can be a 2-week biking vacation/training camp, as well.

For lodging, this year I'm opting for a room at a motel, instead of the hostel. A motel room with kitchen and Internet doesn't cost a heck of a lot more than the hostel. And although I lucked out last year, you never know whom you'll end up sharing a room with...for two weeks!

Students at UBI also get to place one order with the wholesale counterpart to BikeToolsEtc. This year, I have my heart set on a BB facing/tap set, perhaps the Park BTS-1. I have a couple of frames that are waiting BB tapping or facing, so it's now feasible for me to get the tools myself, rather than having it done at a bike shop.

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