Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some Extra Huggin' and Squeezin'

Of the sea of bikes that roared through the Chilly Hilly registration area, onto the ferry deck, and then spilled out onto the beautiful, sunny roads of Bainbridge Island, this is the one that most caught my eye.

I was curious, because I thought the rims might be the Velocty-ELVS-Laek House rims that I've read about. I ran up to the young woman who was wheeling this beauty along, and asked her about the rims. She said she wasn't sure, her boyfriend had put the bike together for her.

Well, listen, boyfriend! If I did this right, your girlfriend will have been impressed and appreciative that you've put together a bike for her that has total strangers running up to her, asking if they can take pictures of it. And I can only hope this translated into some extra huggin' and squeezin' for you that night.

Think nothing of it, mate. It's the least I can do for one who wears the kit of First Rate Mortgage


Chad said...

I saw that bike too, everything on it looked brand new.

Ted Diamond said...

On my way back, I saw the bike parked outside a cafe in Winslow. So I hope Boyfriend had the good sense to accompany her to B.I. so she could show off the bike, and then spend the day with her off the bike.

That was one snappin' bike, brand spankin' new!