Friday, October 31, 2008

Most Visible Night Cyclist Contest

The 2008 edition of my "Most Visible Night Cyclist" contest is up and running:


This year we have prizes!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tyler Farrar's Dad

The father of Tyler Farrar (the Wenatchee rider who is a top-ranked sprinter in the pro peketon), was seriously injured while riding his bike. From

Doctor Ed Farrar, the father of Garmin-Chipotle cyclist Tyler, remains in a serious condition at Central Washington Hospital after being struck by a motorist last Wednesday. The 57 year-old was struck head-on while riding his bicycle, after the vehicle crossed onto the opposite side of the road.

Local media has reported that the orthopedic surgeon is believed to have suffered spinal injuries as a result of the accident. Local authorities have announced the 56 year-old driver will be charged with second-degree negligent driving following the accident.

"Reckless driving requires intent. This man, as far as we can tell, did not intend to hurt anybody," said Sgt. Cherie Smith told Wenatchee World.

News of the accident has sparked much sympathy for the Farrar family from the local community, with many of Dr. Farrar's patients offering their support and well wishes.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Turn

I've been working on this bike a bit at a time for awhile (other things keeping me busy :-), but it's finally done. This is the Redline bike I had built up last year, but that suffered the stripped bottom bracket.

If you recall, the BB (English) stripped, and I had Aaron tap the non-drive-side as Italian. However, rather than have a frame with one side threaded Italian and one side threaded English, I opted to tap the drive side Italian as well. (Although there's something to be said for keeping the right side English: the reverse drive-side threading of the English standard avoids the tendency of the drive side cup to unthread dueto precession.)

This was my first thread tapping project, and I was using the least expensive tap set I could find: Icetoolz. We'll see how it goes. As a precaution, I used thread-lock on the drive side threads.

However, since the Italian BB is 70mm wide and the English is 68mm, I opted to try to center the BB in the shell by adding a 1mm spacer to the drive side. I couldn't find a spacer that would fit around the slightly larger (in circumference) Italian cup, so I snipped apart a spacer for English BB cups, and inserted that. You can see the tiny gap between the BB shell and the flange on the cup in the photo below. I don't know if this was strictly necessary. We'll see if it holds. I've been riding the bike for about 2 weeks, and so far, so good.

The other thing that's new with this bike is the front brake is a mechanical disc brake: Avid BB5 Road. I kept the rear brake cantilever. When I'm certain I've installed and adjusted the front one correctly, I'll install a disc on the rear, too, and I'll never worry about rim wear again.

Now I'm building up a similar bike for Carol. I got this year's version of the Conquest frame on eBay, and I've ordered brakes, hubs, rims, and the rest.

One thing that's happened since I've started building this bike is that the Berlin Wall fell. So, seriously. Velocity has started selling 130mm disc rear hubs. Up until now, the only option I've been able to find for rear disc hubs spaced 130mm is the real expensive ones like Chris King or Hope. But the Velocity hubs sell for $99 apiece -- more than I'd like to spend, but bearable. I've got a couple: one will go on this bike, and the other will go on Carol's.

As usual, I'm building up on Alex DM18 rims, 32h (I believe the Veolicity hubs are only available with 32h; otherwise, I'd use 36h for myself) using Sapim 14g straight gauge spokes.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I just built a new cross bike. After getting killed in the singlespeed category of the last few races.(there are no beginners there) I bought a frame and fork from ebay and built it mostly from parts from the garage. One of the things from the garage was a broken ultegra shifter that I spent way too long fixing

The bike:

Trek X01 Frame
Alpha Q CX carbon fork
Ultegra drivetrain single chainring w/bashguard
Shimano cantis