Friday, February 29, 2008

322-KYL: I'm Going To Critical Mass Today

If these things go in seasons, I had my first really close call of the season this morning.

I love riding north on 4th, from Airport Way to Jackson, because with the timing of the lights, and the generous lanes, it's one of the few places downtown where motor vehicle traffic doesn't stop me, and I can ride at the speed limit.

As I was approaching Jackson, in the left-middle lane, a car that had stopped in the lane to my right turned and accelerated into my lane in an attempt to cross two lanes of traffic at a 90-degree angle, to get onto 2nd Ave for a left-hand turn onto westbound Jackson.

It was over before I realized it was happening. I do know I shifted my weight to change the direction of my momentum as close as I could to parallel the car's direction of travel, I tensed my right side for impact, and I leaned to try to keep myself upright on impact, rather go somersaulting over the car. I stopped in time. Impact never came. The driver continued on his way.

I'm angry, and I'm armed. OK, I'm not armed.

The car's license plate number is 322-KYL (WA). It is a silver 4-door sedan, late model, possible Honda.

Well, I'm angry, and I'm armed. OK, I'm not armed.

But, what luck! Today is the last Friday of the month!

I've never been to Critical Mass, but after what happened this morning, I can't not go. I just can't.

Know something funny? I was wearing two styles of reflective gloves, preparing for a test this weekend to determine which kind will better enable drivers to see us in the dark.


Chad said...

I'll see you there.

Ted Diamond said...

But what should I wear? Would my electric blue lycra bib knickers be a CM fashion faux pas? Should I cover them up with Carhartts?