Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow commute? Why not?

The ride to work last Thursday was downright fun. Snow was coming down hard, the cars were at home where they belonged and cruising to work was a pretty simple matter.

The ride to work today was different. There was 15" of snow at my home. Only a few cars, alpine skiiers and snow mobiles were moving about. My initial 1.5 miles down hill from NE 80th St to the Ballard locks was a riot. I spent more time unclipped with a foot on the ground as I did clipped in pedaling.

The ride from the Ballard locks to the bike route at Interbay was simple and uneventful - except for the total ass working for Burlington Northern who decided to pass me going down the hill to the Burlington Northern parking lot. Apparently annoyed by the car I was following, he pulled next to me and forced me off the road into a 3' snow bank. Fortunately, I was able to simply fall over into the pile of snow, climb out, catch up and get his license plate and truck number. Stupid people suck...

The ride from Interbay to Elliott Ave took about 35 minutes. There were more alpine skiiers than walkers and I was apparently the only cyclist for the morning. The skiiers packed down a nice little track about 14" wide in the 10-24" of snow. The only trick was keeping the bike on the track. All those cyclocross races helped, but I stayed on the track far less than 1/2 of the time. The rest of the time, I was pushing through the deep snow.

Arriving at work, I was greeted by the friendly sales guy who lives on Vashon Island who suggested: "You make stupid look good". Hmm, I guess that was a compliment!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Leggo my balaclava!

19°F and sunny on the morning commute