Friday, February 15, 2008

The Velorution Will Not Be Motorized

Obscure little bit in the P-I, but very heartening, so I'll quote it at length:
If incoming freshmen promise not to bring a car to campus for a full year, Ripon College will give them a Trek 820 mountain bike, a helmet and a lock - a $400 value.
"We're a residential college with a beautiful, historic campus in the middle of a small town," said President David Joyce, an avid cyclist. "Paving it over was not an option I was willing to consider.
He hopes the 1,000-student campus' "Velorution Program" will protect it from building more parking lots.
"There is not a strong bicycle culture here with students. That is what we are trying to engender."
For the original story, go here.

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