Sunday, April 3, 2011

You Know You Spend Too Much Time On eBay When...

You're cleaning out your garage and come across a bike that you have no recollection of buying.

That happened to me today.

I am always on the lookout for my next two or three frames for commuter builds. Occasionally, I buy.

Today, I was breaking down a winter's worth of boxes in the garage. I came to a bike box way in the back, and as I pulled in towards me, I realized it wasn't empty. There was a bike in there! Only problem was, I had no recollection of ordering any bike that was not already on my repair stands.

Well, I was alternating between excitement (woo-hoo! Free bike!) and despair (Good Lord, what else have I bought?!)

The mystery did not last too long. When I put it up on the stand, I realized it was not a bike for me, as it was 54cm. But it wasn't for Carol either, as she rides a 56cm. Had I promised to build a bike for someone and then never followed through? The box's old mailing labels were from Oakland.

Then it hit me. Oakland. Chloe went to college in Oakland. This was Chloe's bike, which she'd stashed in our garage when she went to the The Big Apple for grad school.

Sigh. OK, on the positive side, I am not so far gone that I am ordering bikes and then forgetting them. On the negative side, I've completely forgotten about the bike I bought for my daughter.

Yep. This is my dotage. Who are all you people, anyway?

Thank you Ron

When I pull up at my garage door after a ride on my favorite bike, I always say, "Thank you, Ron".

Ron Cooper was profiled recently in Rouler magazine, and the frame I own is one of the few inanimate worldly items that I love, and feel lucky to have. Alas, there are unfortunately too few things made that are as pleasant.