Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Next year, anyone?

Hoo, looks like fun: L'Eroica - Period cyclotouristic rally on gravel roads - Gaiole in Chianti, Italy
Maybe we should organize a Washington version on the Iron Horse Trail?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seattle PI reports road rage incident against cyclist in Fremont

Seattle PI reported:

A road-rage incident involving a bicyclist and motorist rattled the Fremont neighborhood with yelling, a near hit and the rider striking a sport utility vehicle's window, Seattle police said. ...

It started around 1 p.m. Friday as a Seattle man in his late 30s was pedaling a bicycle northbound across the Fremont Bridge, when he heard honks and cries from a man driving a maroon 2006 Nissan Murano. ...

Once on North 35th Street, the bicyclist went eastbound, trying to reach Stone Way North. But the SUV driver slowed down "several times" and tried to hit the bicyclist and run him off the road, the report says. ...

The bicyclist and motorist turned onto Stone Way North and began heading north. The rider headed into the right lane. ...

(T)he SUV driver turned and headed toward the bicyclist "as if he was going to go straight and strike" him, the report says. ...

The driver, a Seattle resident in his early 40s, swerved his SUV at a 45-degree angle through the right lane, into the shoulder and near the curb. ...

The bicyclist, who was not injured, hit the Nissan's window with his hand and yelled. ...

A witness told police the driver made a "blatant swerve" at the bicyclist. She thought the motorist was "intentionally trying to strike or intimidate" him.

Yeah, I know...Sh*t happens, take it in stride, chill, take a pill, &c, &c. I don't know why these stories get me all puffed up and growling like a cat who's found a strange cat at his feed bowl.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Simple Pleasure

For some reason, I've always found the ride home to West Seattle very stressful. However, this week, my wife Carol has adjusted her commuting routine so that we get to ride home together. In the past, she'd ride to Kirkland, and then take the bus back to West Seattle; now she's started getting off the bus in downtown Seattle, meeting me at the Convention Center, and riding home with me.

Maybe it's knowing that I'll get to ride home with someone I've spent a lot of time riding with, maybe it's because there's no pressure to actually get home, but I find this part of the day very relaxing, and I've started looking forward to it.

The other day, we both worked late, and rode home in the dark. On the way, one of her co-workers, Sean Jensen-Grey (Oi, Phil, you remember Sean from Singingfish?) caught up to us with his girlfriend, and the four of us rode to West Seattle in the dark. Sean rides a fixed gear from W.S. to Kirkland and back. Sean is such a wild and intense person, I couldn't imagine him commuting any other way!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Two More Northwest Cyclists Killed By Right-Turning Trucks

Within the past 2 weeks, two Portland cyclists have been killed by motor vehicles making right-hand turns.

Add to this the death of Bryce Lewis crushed by a dump truck making a right-hand turn near the Eastlake bridge over the summer.

Critical Mass

Upcoming Critical Mass ride made Seattle PI's Big Blog today. Velocity opines:

My concern is that these rides also have the potential to (or actually do) piss off potential allies who could contribute to policy changes that actually make the roads safer and better for cyclists. Any club ride achieves the same goals listed in the Critical Mass website, except they do it without disrupting the lives of automobile commuters.

I am of two minds on this issue. I can certainly see Velocity's point, and when I'm commuting or on a group ride, I try to do everything I can to avoid pissing off drivers, and I encourage other cyclists to do the same.

But then, I also think, who am I to say that a large group of cyclists shouldn't gather and exercise their rights to the road (as long as they act lawfully)? Ultimately, everyone does something to piss somebody off. Tomorrow, I'll be at an anti-war march, an event that I'm sure will inconvenience a lot of people, and may alienate potential allies. Agree or disagree with the war, or cyclists' rights, there is something depressing about a world where people always limit their behavior to avoid inconveniencing others.

Aaron Goss lights up the night!

Was riding home last night with my wife, and at Jackson & 2nd, I saw Aaron Goss (my LBS owner) riding a bike that looked like it was laced with multi-colored tubes of light -- a rainbow on wheels! Gotta get a picture of that! Now, THAT would be hard to miss!

Here is one of Aaron's other creations.

And here is Aaron as a finalist in Park Tools Fastest Wrench in the West Contest.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don't you want to be here right now?

S0metimes, a picture just makes you stop and wonder, why am I here instead of there? Oh, well, I shouldn't complain, I WAS there, or near enough...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The bear opposite the tag

Now there are wolves one pier to the east. Part of what makes the ride great--my thanks to the artist.

Hello world.

Bike to work to live to bike. I saw that painted on a bridge support while riding home to West Seattle from work. Couldn't have said it any better, so I'm ripping it off for the title of this blog. Thanks to whomever came up with the expression, and to whomever tagged that bridge support.

Not too far from the West Seattle bridge, I snapped this photo on a foggy summer morning. That's an eagle on the piling. Damn! Can't see this from a car!

Before I go, I'd like to give a nod to David Longdon, who's recently started a Seattle cycling blog in the Seattle PI.