Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My road racing season in about 5 sentences.

Trained my ass off during the winter with Jen Wheeler, wanted to upgrade to cat3 in the first few weeks.

Had bad luck, broke collarbone, off the bike for two months.

Came back, did pretty good, got some upgrade points and my first win.

More bad luck, broke my bike's collarbone.

Upgraded after the season ended. I'm a CAT3 on the road!


Ted Diamond said...

The upgrade is nice, but the broken collarbone? That's the real badge!

Well done, man! Very very well done!

Mike Testing said...


A brief glance at your blog has given me a much needed boost of motivation to restart my training. I use cycling to keep my physical condition up, but lost my "drive" a while back.

Thanks a lot!

Ted Diamond said...

Well, Mike, the real inspiration is Chad. I'm the anti-inspiration -- the anti-inspirant, if you will. I'm the cautionary tale!

Keep riding, keep training. Speak with your legs.