Sunday, August 15, 2010

So I broke my bike.

I am in mourning.

I was in a wreck in Gig Harbor this weekend.
Earlier in the race I got second in the intermediate sprint. With 1k to go I was in the exact same position, about 15th wheel. Then there was a pile of bikes in front of me. I slammed right into some guy's ribs and went right over the bars.
I have some cuts and bruises.

My bike was not so lucky, I broke another set of expensive carbon bars and worse yet I have a big damn crimp/dent/bend in my non-drive-side chainstay. I could still ride it but would not be able to trust it at high speed or while cornering.

What can I do? It's aluminum.


Phil Evans said...

Och, sorry.

Somewhat related & funny: was listening to Ron Cooper (now 79 but still building) on a radio show talk about the early days of CF, and saying that after a wreck it was "dustpan and broom".

Ted Diamond said...

Chad, everything I've heard before this -- I just rechecked, and it still appears to be the consensus -- is that you shouldn't try to repair an aluminum frame. The inextnitial impact may have cracked the tubing, and if not, any further deformation may do so.

First, I'd contact the frame manufacturer, and see what they'd recommend. Maybe they have some magic process -- at the very minimum, if they have the frame, they can determine whether it's cracked.

If the frame is not cracked, check the alignment.

If the frame is cracked, or the alignment is off, I'd say the frame is toast. If neither of these is true, then you're faced with a more difficult choice.

Chad said...

Yeah, everything I have read seems to point to an untimely death for that bike.

Who should I take it to locally to find out?