Monday, March 8, 2010

A few of my Latest races

So the race season is now 2 weekends old. I have three stories(excuses) about my performance.

The first race was the Frostbite Time Trial in Everett.
Flat 9 mile out and back course that I had high hopes of doing well in. Long sob story short, I don't think my road bike-->TT bike conversion is going to work out. I dropped my chain at 2 seconds until start. I got it back on in 1 second.
I passed 6 people and got passed by 1. I don't feel like I can generate power in the position and I think my brake was rubbing on every pedal stroke. Couldn't get the bike over 28 mph, I can regularly get it up over 30 in practice. Waaaa.
I placed 25th.

So, I entered another TT after correcting the brake rubbing issue. 10 miles out and back on windy farm roads. After warming up on the trainer for about 20 minutes I put my tubular rear wheel on and got a puncture 2 minutes before my start. Had to go with my spare wheel. Was able to quickly get the bike up to 30+ but couldn't hold it and maybe I just need to train more on TT/power endurance. I came in 32nd. It hurt.
Picture of my legs crying below.

Mason Lake Road Race #1 48 miles
Sunday March 7th was the 1st real road race, I love road races and that's what I do all the time ride on the road. I fixed the puncture of the tubular from the day before and made a decision to go with it at the last second and lined up. About 70 guys started this race. It is notorious for crashes and jittery early season legs.
It took me about two laps to trust my rear wheel due to the puncture but I figured it would hold and I had wheels in the wheel car. So I finally made my way up to the front and started stirring up trouble, it was like I kicked a bee's nest. Awesome, this is racing. It was on a windy stretch of road with a couple rollers I started to take off up the right side and people started yelling "rider on the right" and people started jumping on my wheel and we started a paceline to make a break but I guess the attack wasn't hard enough. It didn't stick. But it certainly woke everyone up and attacks started coming, I love this sport. I chased down a couple people off the front but always dragged people with me. I need to work on my jump.

So that went on for about a lap leaving us on the last lap. It started to get painfully slow at about 5k to go and there was a wreck in the field ahead of us and we got neutralized until the aid car went by. Blech. I was still in the top ten up front, almost right at the 1k to go sign there was a wreck right in front of me(a beautiful Pinarello Prince) I avoided it and managed to catch back on to the leaders. Awesome, I am thinking I am in great shape for the sprint. At the very last turn, 200 meters to go I am looking for wheels and a guy slammed into my rear wheel and knocked it out of the dropout and threw me into the oncoming lane. I didn't crash. somehow. When I looked back at my wheel I didn't notice that my wheel came OUT. I tried to fix it really quick, couldn't. Had a little mini-tantrum in the middle of the road. Put my wheel back on, caught a couple guys, sprinted to 31st place. I have the worst luck. Vaughn will blame the Pinarello.

Pain face:


Ted Diamond said...


These aren't excuses -- just analysis. If you wanted to see excuses, I could give you a couple of really good ones, except my dog ate the piece of paper I wrote them on.

Keep writing -- I'm living vicariously through this.

poser said...

of course it's the Pinarello. Pinarellos are the devil.