Sunday, March 14, 2010

Race report.

Michael van Dijken and I were the only HB on hand for this one. Michael had a plan and we stuck to it.

Simple plan, stay up front, try to keep it faster than 16mph and cover breaks. It worked well.

A couple guys went away right from the start, they stayed away for about two laps, when they came back, attacks started. Michael rode like a man possessed, taking long pulls, generally taking charge of the front of the race. On the third lap I took a trip off the front attacking up and over the second hill just as a one-man break was getting caught. I stayed away for only a short time, it was just too windy. I went and hid in the pack to recover for the sprint.

I noticed in previous laps that the finish was downhill and had a crosswind, so I positioned myself on the left to stay out of the wind for the sprint. It worked perfectly, with the exception of I could have moved up a few more positions before the sprint really started. When it did start I passed about 5 guys and was really just getting going, had a lot left in my legs. I got 5th. I could have pushed it and got a better result but it didn't feel safe. Michael finished further back in the pack, a job very well done. He did a lot of work. Bravo!

Then I don"t know what the hell happened. Somebody slowed down in front of me and someone behind me did NOT. We got hung up and I was thrown to the ground. Everything I was wearing was ruined, kit cut off of me at the hospital. Lazer helmet did a fantastic job keeping my head safe. I got a good 2 races out of it. Does Lazer make a clavicle helmet?

Sum total:

van Dijken is a superstar.
I have a broken collarbone, ksyrium and carbon bars.
I have an extra right time titanium titan rxs pedal, left didn't make it.
I love bike racing.


Ted Diamond said...

Fifth is great! This was ML#2? Heal fast, so you can race again!

Chad said...

Tour de Dung #1

matt m said...

Chad, sorry to hear about the crash!! But at least you got 5th on the way out, and weren't coming in for last or something. =]

Hope you can heal up quickly and get back out there! I'll save a spot for you in the 4's peloton..

Bikejuju said...

Ouch. Speedy recovery!

Lazer Sport said...

Very happy to hear that your Lazer helmet did it's job well.

Heal up quick and get back on the bike soon!

Best wishes from Lazer Sport.

Chad said...
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Chad said...

Thanks Lazer! I'll be buying another pretty soon here.

I went to the Specialist this morning and we decided to go ahead and have the plate and screws surgery. Image of broken bone:

Phil Evans said...

Sorry to hear, not fun.
If it's uncomfortable sleeping at night, I had good luck making a ramp of sorts out of about 4 pillows, and letting the injured arm hang down.
The Campagnolo coffee table book "75 years of Cycling Passion" has a great picture of a fella whose name I can't recall riding up some col with a broken clavicle, teeth clenching a section of inner tube attached to the handlebars to keep him in place.

Chad said...

Yes, I have seen that picture. hard-core.

I had my surgery yesterday, now I am recovering, again.

I have what my wife describes as a centipede on crutches holding my shoulder together. A plate and screws.

I am cleared to ride the trainer as long as there is no pain. Awesome.