Monday, March 29, 2010

Race Report Injured reserve category San Francisco edition.

I had a plan going in to the Chad San Fran Gran Fondo. Stay away from the pack. Stay away from the cable cars. Basically I was going to try to ride off the front the entire race.

I felt good going in since I am on two weeks rest. But I have no sprint. I broke away as soon as I signed the rental agreement. My plan worked flawlessly until about halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge where I was caught and passed, no big deal, they'll die in the hills. Once the road started to go up in Marin County I gritted my teeth and went all out to pass the group on the climb. Success! I dropped them like they were wearing jeans and riding a rented bike with one arm in a sling. After they cracked I took in the scenery and rode it back home for the win.


Ted Diamond said...

Chad, let me see if I got this right. You rode a gazillion miles in SF wearing a sling (and jeans) shortly after breaking your collarbone when you became a Chad Sandwich. (Chandwich?)

I'm tempted to make an asshole comment about head injury. But, I know how important it is to keep riding while injured or sick.

Difference is, for me, "riding through injury" is getting on my bike despite stubbing my toe.

Ride on!!!!!!

Chad said...

I didn't ride that many miles, I had to get back to the hotel before my wife found out what I did.
I failed. She was pretty mad. And it made her even madder that I couldn't stop smiling while she was telling me how dumb it was.

My only head injury is the depression due to not being able to ride. I found the cure!

Ted Diamond said...

OK, but you realize you've forfeited the "Oh, my poor collarbone!" excuse when she asks you to clear the dishes, right?

Health is a funny thing.

Ted Diamond said...

OK, Chad -- you win this blog's first Nico Eeckhout award.

Chad said...


That guy is a stud.