Monday, June 1, 2009

CAT5 race report: Enumclaw Omnium

This was a fun set of races.

A TT on flat farm roads.

A figure 8 crit in the city.

A road race up a long climb then down highway 410, then over again.

TT. 10km

I have never done a TT before and didn't feel like spending any money on any TT gear.
I settled for just some TT clip-on bars, 25 dollars from recycled cycles.

Here is the start:

We started out every 30 seconds. I caught the guy in front of me in 1 mile. I almost caught the guy who started a minute in front of me near the finish.

I got 9th place with a time of 15:38. 1st place was 14:42.

Crit. 20 mins.
At first the idea of a criterium scared me. Not so much any more, I am starting to like them a lot. There were 3 or so mid-race primes, a couple for face moisturizer and then some for points, I took second in the one for points.
I got 10th overall. I lost a couple positions at the last second for not following through on the sprint and looking at my stupid speedometer which said 32mph. I have to remember to leave that thing in the car next time. Oh and I forgot to shift, I had four more cogs.

After the crit I was in 9th overall.

RR. 30 miles
This thing had a couple mile long climb that hurt to go up fast. The lead group of about 10 split off, I hung with them until 200m to the KOM line, when 5 of them split off and we never saw them again. I was in a group of 3 trying to catch the leaders when we got caught by about 6 more guys. We tried to work together to catch the leaders, it didn't work. The second time up the hill I was feeling ok, but not good enough to leave the group. I tried to leave the group around 1k to go, that didn't work. I tried again at 200m to go, didn't work. I passed 3-4 people near the finish to come in 13th.

I finished 13th overall. I need to ride more hills, maybe on a 48x16 fixie, in jeans :).


Nic Pottier said...

Funny, I mountain biked Skookum Flats / Ranger Creek / White River yesterday with some friends and I think we drove by during the race. Everybody looked super fast!

Congrats on the great results!

Ted Diamond said...

Yeah, definitely ditch the speedometer.

Even better training on hills than wearing jeans & riding a fixie is towing someone wearing jeans and riding a fixie. Or two.

Was the RR at Mud Dam Mountain again? If I recall, it's all up and all down, almost no flat.

Can I have 1,000 copies of your autograph? Great work, Chad!

Chad said...

IT was up that mud mountain.