Monday, June 8, 2009

Ballard twilight crit.

In a field of 78 only 30 finished. I was #27 across the line due to a crash on the second to last lap. I knew it was going to happen, my wife predicted it. It was the first race she came to watch.

It was very nice to have her there screaming at me on each lap. "You're slow" "Squirrel Power" "Go Chad GO"

I also had some coaching from Kevin on each lap. "Get out of the back of the pack" "You're slow" "That's not where you want to be"

I stayed with the lead pack for the entire race and avoided many crashes. I was 5th wheel in corner #1 with 2 laps to go and all of a sudden there were bikes on the ground in front of me. I locked up my brakes and rode up one guy onto the sidewalk and crashed on my hip and elbow.

Ted you'll like this part. My bike was fine. I straightened my handlebars and rode the last two laps. Only some scuffing on my saddle and some more dings on the shifters. My first thought was MY wheels are going to be toast. I guess the guy in front of me cushioned the blow.

I sprinted for 27th place.

Here are some pictures:


Ted Diamond said...

Dude, you wasted a perfectly good opportunity to quit! I once stopped when there was a crash behind me, and went back to see if I could help. Nah, not really, but I thought about it.

Seriously, way to hang in there! That was great position for s strong finish up til the crash!

Ted Diamond said...

Chad, is that you behind the guy in the foreground in this picture?

Chad said...

Yes, that is me.

matt m said...

Yeah that was one hell of a race! I remember the crash near the end, that poor guy was sliding on his chest.. what a scene.

Nice job on finishing after the wreck!