Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Welcome Nic Pottier

Please welcome Nic Pottier to our little blog. Nic is primarily a mountain biker -- pretty much a mountain anything. He rock-climbs, he back-country skis. He is also ex-Amazon, and a friggin' genius! And a photographer. And he's very tall.

Nic gave me my first (and so far only) opportunity to work on a Chris King hub, which is a thing of beauty, with special Chris King tools, which are also a thing of beauty. I am so fucking in love with Chris King that I want to marry them and have their baby.

Nic also built a beautiful fixie from a pristine 70's-vintage Peugot frame. (I bid against him for the frame on eBay. He won.) I hope he posts a picture of it. It's that classic Peugot metal-baby-blue that makes this more understandable.

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