Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vote down the anti-bike agenda

The Seattle City Council has put up an Ideascale site to gather ideas and feedback on various cost cutting measures for the 2011-12 budget. There are a number of anti-bike items that have been posted. Please consider voting "I disagree" on these items, and showing that there is strong support for continuing to make Seattle safe for cyclists.


Ted Diamond said...

Thanks, Rod.

This is super-important.

I've gradually withdrawn from all bike-related activities except actually riding, but I have no doubt that rising to this challenge is worth it.

Phil Evans said...

Whew--amazing that so many cage drivers could get so cranky. Mustn't have done well at their maths, thinking that the ~5% (on a sunny day) that cycle are going to fix the budget with some fee. But maybe it'd be good: I'd be an official desperado, evading black helicopters with my unlicensed bike! Spike bike!
If I had more time, I'd use Tor or similar and just keep voting until some of those cockeyed schemes were hugely negative.

Rodrick Megraw said...

Yes, clearly some of these proposals are just anti-bike ranting rather than solutions for the budget.