Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My first bike accident! (with a car)

I was commuting the other day on a route I don't normally use. It was my daughter's 12th birthday and we were going out to dinner in Lynnwood. I turned off of Hwy. 99 on to a quiet side street with a bike lane. With her mind on the mooshoo pork she was going to eat rather than the task at hand a lady turned right in front of me into a driveway. I had about 5 feet of room to slow down from about 16MPH while turning into a driveway and unsuccessfully avoiding the rear wheel of the car. I was not hurt, nor touched by the car.

I screamed all the words I could scream and then demanded her insurance info and started taking pictures of everything. This happened about 1/2 block from Harvy's bike shop in Lynnwood. I bought a cheap front wheel and went on my way.

I had just purchased a powertap hub and williams wheelset and had it paired with my garmin GPS the day before. Now at least half of the set is not round.

I am currently in negotiations with her insurance company about buying me a new front wheel and maybe more. I am taking it to get checked out today.

Here is my gps info.

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Bikejuju said...

That SUCKS! Sorry to hear it. I have a eleven year old daughter with a birthday coming up, so I'll be extra careful! Insurance already bought be the bike I am on, after I went over some idiot's hood.