Sunday, May 23, 2010

This and That (And the Perils of Gardening)

I see that Chad and JWheeler are back, both racing in the Enumclaw Stage Race this weekend. Will be eager to learn how they do ...hint! hint!

Last weekend was in Oakland area for daughter's graduation. Wow!! This young lady, graduating with honors, and headed to Columbia University in the fall for grad studies -- is this the same one who was rebelling so obstinately four years ago?! She now defines herself in her own terms, not in terms of her parents.

While in Oakland, had the opportunity to visit Cycle Sports, the LBC that guided my daughter through a bike purchase. Good folks.

Bike-wise, this was a week I'd rather forget. Not because of anything that happened to me, but:

1) serious accident involving a West Seattle cyclist;
2) rain;
3) Floyd Landis. Fucker. Enough said.

Finally, yesterday, I injured myself ... gardening. This is weird. I was pulling at a clump of weeds that would not give. Finally, I got a good grip, braced myself, and gave it everything I had. And I felt something go "sproinggggg!!!!" in my ribcage, and felt like someone had kicked me in the abdomen, knocking the breath out of me. Now, pain, As if I've got broken ribs. This kind of thing has happened to me before, when I got overly enthusiastic on a leg curl machine. My wife just looks at me, shakes her head, and says: "core strength."

Rod, how come when you garden, you produce a bounty, and when I garden, I end up a gimp? Not fair, not fair!


Rodrick Megraw said...

Zow! I hope your injury is nothing serious. Be careful in that garden! It's usually my back that get injured out there. Funny a 70 mile ride can feel fine, but 2 hours of pulling weeds with the wrong technique can leave me in a world of hurt. But growing your own veggies makes it all worth it, right! Right?? ... My 70 year old dad on the other hand is a gardening dynamo. Apparently it's all about the technique. He tilled my garden with a shovel about 5x faster than I could, and with no whining.

I hope this W. Seattle cyclist is ok too. There are a lot more cyclists on the road this month and we need to look out for one another.

Ted Diamond said...

Rod, I've tasted fruits & vegetables from your garden, and nothing could better exemplify the rewards to be gotten for the deadly risks in the blood sport of gardening.


That there is someone who is even better at gardening than you -- your dad -- is truly frightening.