Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Luck Than Anyone Deserves

This morning, as I was riding down the hills of West Seattle, I felt my brakes were not stopping me as quickly as I'd like. As I arrived at the base of the West Seattle Bridge, I told myself -- there's only one more downhill -- I'll wait til I get to work to adjust the brakes. But then, for some reason, I stopped anyway, and adjusted both brakes, before going over the bridge.

I was down on the "lid" that covers the branch of the Duwamish east of Harbor Island. Without looking, a pedestrian stepped out into my path, just a few feet ahead of me. I had no time to think, just braked. And stopped just short of her.

Cars don't scare me. What really scares me is the possibility of hitting a pedestrian. Like that cyclist who collided with the elderly pedestrian on the Cedar River Trail in Renton, killing her. Right or wrong, I would be seriously guilt-ridden if I ever collided with a pedestrian.

Anyway, I'm humbled. And I have my cosmic, possibly divine answer to the rhetorical question: "What could happen between here and there?"

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