Friday, May 30, 2008

Great News

I'm sorry to hijack the blog for personal news, but then again, Carol is my bike-mate, so it's sort of on-topic.

Carol had her mastectomy on Wednesday. The prognosis is good. Her surgeon said the sentinel nodes were clear, indicating there was no evidence that the cancer had spread to the lymphatic system. If the sentinel nodes had not been clear, they would have had to take a further biopsy of the lymphatic system. This further biopsy -- ancillary node biopsy -- has side effects of chronic swelling and infection. This was the main thing Carol was worried about just before the surgery.

We'll know for sure when the pathology report on the sentinel nodes comes back next week, but at this point, it appears Carol is now free of cancer, and won't need chemo.

The morning after surgery, Carol was up, walking, and fully alert. She was herself again. She was recovering so well that her docs released her from the hospital that day, a day ahead of schedule.

We're at home now. Her company, boss, and co-workers were exceedingly generous, and chipped in for a food service - we just got the first delivery. Later today, we're thinking of taking a walk down on the beach.

Full recovery will take awhile. She can't lift her arms or bear any weight. But I look forward to her being back on the bike, so we can start riding again.

I feel a great weight has lifted from our shoulders. We are the most optimistic we have been in a long, long time.

Thanks to all of you who have expressed concern and given us your good thoughts and wishes. I am very, very grateful. I will "redirect" your wishes and thoughts to those in our situation who are not so fortunate. In the waiting room, Nick, Chloe, and I overheard some very heartbreaking stories.

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poser said...

Ted - that's great to hear! Please give Carol our best - and please hijack the blog as much as you want. It is your blog, after all - 2) we all want to know how Carol is doing, and 3) it's great to hear your voice again. It isn't the same around here without your voice, frankly. Write about anything you want, just write.