Monday, May 12, 2008

Cyclist attacked in I-90 bike tunnel


Date: May 9, 2008 3:57:00 PM PDT
Subject: Cyclist attacked in I-90 bike tunnel

Word of this is just getting around. It happened in broad daylight. Many of us commute and ride through this area so please be aware of brazen youths looking for an easy target!

"While riding home from work on his bike, one of my Seattle U colleagues was mugged late yesterday afternoon by three teenagers in the I-90 tunnel (eastbound). One of them jumped in front of him as he approached, so he slowed down, and then the guy slammed him into the wall. Once he toppled, the other two proceeded to beat and kick him repeatedly while demanding he turn over his wallet. He just told them, over and over, to leave him be and take his bike bag from the back rack. So they did and then ran.

Moments later another cyclist came by so he was able to borrow a cell phone (his was in the bag taken) to call first the cops, and then his wife to cancel his cards and phone, and to get a start on replacing all his locks (all of his keys were in his bag too). What amazed him most was their nerve. They waited for the right moment, when he was the only rider in the tunnel, and then pounced. My friend is OK, sustaining only some bruises, but he knows he got lucky, and they left him with his bike."

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Anonymous said...

Rodrick, Thanks for the post. I live near the tunnel and use it frequently. I wonder if know you the author of the quote, and can pin down the date of the attack? I am trying to verify this.

Rodrick Megraw said...

Nope, I just received this from a friend who is on the Jet City Velo list. Never saw the original sender's email address. Don't think this will change my use of the tunnel. I've heard of similar incidents in other parts of the city.

Ben G. said...

The biker's first mistake was slowing down. If I saw some teenager standing in the middle of the tunnel in a menacing way, I would have sped up and elbowed the fucker in the head.