Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Report From Oregon Handmade Bike Show

The actual show was in a tiny building and elbow to elbow with cycling fanatics. Lots to drool over. From what we saw at the show, touring bikes are back in a big way (or maybe they've just been hiding out in Oregon). Lots of cool custom racks and beefy touring frames. Vaughn and I ended up mostly ogling from afar (and actually, a lot of the fanatics had ridden up on bikes that we ogled outside), as it was nearly impossible to get into the booths to talk with the builders. But it was the journey that made it super fun… great weather and great riding around the cycling mecca that is Portland. I’m pretty sure the New York Times will be contacting Vaughn and his wonderful family for their next piece on Portland’s cycling lifestyle ;)


Cascade Cyclist said...

Did you see anything that had you reaching for your wallet?

Ted Diamond said...

Please, CC, don't tempt him! Rod and I work together, and I already spend too much in the garage ogling the beautiful bikes Rod builds and rides!