Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Simple Pleasure

For some reason, I've always found the ride home to West Seattle very stressful. However, this week, my wife Carol has adjusted her commuting routine so that we get to ride home together. In the past, she'd ride to Kirkland, and then take the bus back to West Seattle; now she's started getting off the bus in downtown Seattle, meeting me at the Convention Center, and riding home with me.

Maybe it's knowing that I'll get to ride home with someone I've spent a lot of time riding with, maybe it's because there's no pressure to actually get home, but I find this part of the day very relaxing, and I've started looking forward to it.

The other day, we both worked late, and rode home in the dark. On the way, one of her co-workers, Sean Jensen-Grey (Oi, Phil, you remember Sean from Singingfish?) caught up to us with his girlfriend, and the four of us rode to West Seattle in the dark. Sean rides a fixed gear from W.S. to Kirkland and back. Sean is such a wild and intense person, I couldn't imagine him commuting any other way!

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Phil Evans said...

I certainly do remember Sean--is he the fixie with green hoops? (I wonder why I don't see people on the commute, then sheepishly realize it's because I go in late and come home early...)