Monday, December 6, 2010

product review from a product review hater

"Don't upgrade your ride, ride up grades" --Merckx

Great quote. I'm exceedingly tired of all the shills with their holiday 'reviews', trying to get you to buy another thing instead of just getting out the door.

I'm also discouraged by how stupid my bikes look this time of year: covered in fenders, lights and batteries and wires, and layers of road grime. (This from a gutter bunny not at all known for his elan.) Old broken-clavicle ache has me sporting a rear rack on my commuter, arrgh.

Nonetheless, I just got a rear blinky that I love--the Radbot by Portland Design Works. It should help keep me alive, as it's intensely bright (and wheel suckers will be blinded!) It's not a DiNotte, but was $18 at MEC. (Some reader will show their Maple Leaf and point out that the BLT Ultra Wazoo DX is brighter for a few bucks more, but supporting a US manufacturer right now makes me happy.)

OK, that's it for my product review career...

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