Monday, November 22, 2010

I rode with Tyler Farrar

On Saturday my buddy Stew, his friend Jeff, and I set out to do a 50 miler, 43-degree temperature be damned. We met up in the U-District around 1pm, and hit the Burke-Gilman trail northbound at 25th Ave NE. At the stoplight, we were among a group of a few random cyclists and runners. A guy in a Garmin-Transitions kit took off strongly, and Jeff gave chase. I'm thinking "We should not be hammering like this, 2-minutes into our ride. Great plan, guys." But apparently Jeff recognized the Garmin rider as non other than Tyler Farrar, currently one of the best sprinters in the world!

So we were hanging with him at a 19mph clip along the BG, and chatting for about 3-4 miles. He was very gracious to ride and chat with us ragtag, giddy fans until he had to turn around to meet up with his buddy. He was on his 2nd training ride of the day, and clearly could have pummeled us if he'd wanted to. He was just a super courteous rider. As I drafted behind him for most of the ride, he hand signaled everything, and even put his hand down to block his spit when he let one fly! Impressive. He said that he lives in Seattle when not out on the pro circuit. He's currently training for the Tour Down Under in January in Australia.

A very cool brush with an elite athlete that made a cold ride worthwhile!


Ted Diamond said...


This is exactly as I'd hoped he'd be.

Thanks, Rod -- you've just made my day!

Ted Diamond said...

Rod -- a cycling friend of mine at work told that TF was at Woodland Pk cyclocross. She sent these links:!i=2210305722&k=pnmJgpZ!i=2210317695&k=Pc2SS2f&lb=1&s=A

Rodrick Megraw said...

(Wow I really can't type tonight...)

Hooray for Tyler! I'm just guessing that he held his own at Woodland Park ;-)