Thursday, April 8, 2010

Super fast girl on my team looking for help!

This is a post for my friend and training partner(before I got hurt) Jennifer Wheeler.
She is really, really fast on her bike. She has won every race she has entered this year, by several minutes. She is known to break away at mile 0 and stay away the entire race. She has just barely been racing for one year.

Here is her story and website.


Ted Diamond said...

Done, and added to this blog's links.

Ted Diamond said...

She won the Women's 1-2 @ Volunteer Park Crit:

Chad said...

Yep, by over a minute. She was towing another girl around for the last ten laps or so before she finally dropped her. She's pretty strong.

On Sunday she finally didn't win. All 30 girls in the pack conspired to make her not win. No teammates :(

She still got 6th.