Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New bike or new pricey group(campy record)?

A little while ago I lost my job at Medio where I met most of the people here and the reason I started cycling to begin with. No big deal, I can get another job. I got another position in about 2 weeks but it was not ideal so I kept looking. After one week of looking I got an awesome position at Cisco so I quit my current non-ideal job to start the next Monday. That Friday Cisco called me and said there was a process problem with getting the funding approved for the position and it was gone.gone. I had to go back to my current employer and ask for my job back. Grrrr. They were very kind and let me keep it. I kept working for them and hoped that Cisco would get it together and call me back. I asked my wife if I got the Cisco job if I could get another bike and she said yes. THEN IT HAPPENED! I got the job and now more importantly I get to choose a new bike!

I recently bought a Pinarello Paris and it has DA on it, but I have permission and the means to spend a wheelbarrow full of cash on some new bike stuff.

What would you get? Campy super record for the Pinarello? DI2? or just a whole new bike with SRAM?
My team is getting new Blue AC1 SLs and that is an option.

Look at my poor fendered Pinarello.


Kevin Connors said...

How about a 1960 Bianci with all that money? ;-)

You spent far more time this summer riding road races than you did cyclocross, so I assume that you are eager to add to your road arsenal?

Ever considered a De Rosa? My first good road bike was a De Rosa and it was an amazing ride. If I had the cash, that would be my next purchase - A Corum or Neo Primato.

Guys here in SO would recommend a Landshark or a De Salvo frame. The guys I know who ride them love them.

poser said...

what's your need?

seems like you already have a top of the line carbon road bike - why would you need another?

is your current groupo so lousy that you need a new one?

personally, I like have a "stable" of bikes so that I'm never left behind when an event or riding opportunity comes up. currently that means: 1 track bike, 1 mountain bike, 1 cross bike (that doubles as my road-bike during the summer), etc... so my next two purchases will be a cheap single-speed cross-bike and a sweet road bike.

so... why drop a whole load of cash on dupes? where's the gap in your collection? do you have a mountain bike? I seem to remember you sporting the cross bike this last summer when we all went rock-hopping... is your Pinarello getting long in the tooth? is that why you're itching to get a new bike?

Chad said...

I have a track bike that doubles as a ss cx bike, a road racing bike and a cross bike that will be my winter commuter. I don't really see myself buying a mountain bike.

I was thinking of having a super light and fast racing bike that was strictly for racing, meaning I would not put fenders on the poor thing like the pinarello(it is glaring at me from across the office right now).

The current groupo is fine on the pinarello, I have no issues with it at all. So maybe I would keep that as-is and use it for fun rides, dry commuting and some training.

Ted Diamond said...

So, in the end, what did you decide?

Chad said...

Oh man, I put the whole thing(new blue ac1 sl w/sram red) in my shopping cart on the team website. All told it would have been over 4k and even with permission I couldn't pull the trigger. I opted for the buy all the clothing and new whatever I wanted for the Pinarello.
So far I have purchased two new team kits, Northwave shoes, Lazer helmet, all new cables, new brakes and a new bottom bracket.