Saturday, September 12, 2009

Looking at Statistics on Cycling Safety

I'm trying to get a broad view of available statistics on cycling safety, with an eye toward doing some data gathering and analysis myself, if there's enough of a gap. Could you note any published statistics or analyses you know about? Thanks.

I'm aware of:

and (thanks, poser!)

as starting points.


bikejuju said...

A few other good pages come up on Google -


But I think I'd start with the safety chapter in Pedaling Revolution, which is interesting reading and pretty recent.

Here are the '08 cycling counts for WA if you are looking for baseline numbers of cyclists. (Sign up to do the count again 9/30-10/1!)
Here is an '08 national report on traffic safety

which I found cited in a post here

I've thought about this issue a lot and researched it a bit, and the sad fact is that good statistics are very hard to come by - many many accidents and injuries go unreported. I wish SPD would release some analysis of how often they respond to bicycle accidents, that might be worth looking into, most people in a serious accident want a police report even if not medical care.

The other frustration is a lack of a good baseline number for risk assessment - since nobody really knows how much people cycle (in terms of either miles or hours or frequency), it is hard to quantify risk.

But keep at it - the more heads on it, the better.

Ted Diamond said...

Thanks very much, BikeJuJu -- haven't had a chance to follow up yet, but will