Monday, August 31, 2009

Carnation Farms circuit race report.

This was the 3rd and final race of the Lake Washington Velo series and almost the last race of the road season.
I got there very early to set up because my team was running this event. I helped to set up all of the BIKE RACE AHEAD signs. It was a bit cold and wet and many of the corners looked sketchy.

It was a 5ish mile circuit and we did it six times with a sprint for series points on the third lap. It started out funny when someone crashed before we left the staging area. From my preview lap on the back of the truck I knew that there was no place to pass except the corners and just squeezing between people so I tried to stay at or near the front for the first couple laps until the first sprint. For the sprint it started to get fast at about 1k to go and I was able to move up pretty easily and found a wheel but he was going too slow and Karl(he has a sprint jump like star trek warp drive) opened a huge gap I tried to chase him down and one guy from Cucina was on my wheel and passed me before the line. I got third in the sprint.

Immediately after the sprint it felt like people were attacking and I had to hurry and catch my breath and force myself to stay near the front. ouch. There were a couple crashes during the latter laps and they kind of broke up the field a little bit. Luckily I was not behind or involved in any of them.

The final lap people started to look at each other but nobody really did anything until the final turn. I took the outside line starting about 20 back and started leapfrogging wheels as they were slowing down. The very last one was a close call, I barely missed hitting it by an inch and tried to go around him at the last second. I just missed winning by inches. I took third, my best result of the season.

Kira took this amazing picture of the finish. Nice work!


Ted Diamond said...


Ted Diamond said...

Dude, update your palmares! Your season's something to be proud of!

Chad said...

Ok, done.

That is all of the ones from the list.

mattm said...

Congrats on the podium, Chad! That was a pretty fast race for sure. I was floating on the back, oh what fun!

Btw the finish line photo is pretty cool too: link.