Friday, July 17, 2009

Frame is Indestructible; I am Not

Sigh. Phil caught me yesterday riding home on a bike that was not the one I built. I'm ashamed to admit it. At 46/19, the gearing on my pride and joy was too harsh for some of the hills I go up. About a week ago, I injured my back trying to grind up one of those hills.

I've gotten a 42-tooth chainring, and I'll be installing it this weekend, and hopefully, taking the gray beast out again next week.

I'm old.


Phil Evans said...

Humongous bollocks on that, Ted, you may be temporarily injured, but you are the one I'm trying to catch--those mornings when it's in the 20s and I think, "Diamond does this" or I have a bike problem I'm puzzling over and immediately think, "need to ask Ted", or I see the bike you built and wonder, "hmm, could I do that?"--you're the metal cowboy with the palmares.

Ted Diamond said...

Shucks, Phil. Thanks for the sentiment. I guess I've been feeling a touch of self-pity since Ed McMahon died. I'm going to go watch some wrestling now.