Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another cyclist death


Kevin Connors said...

Shit. It wasn't me, but it is one of my normal routes.

65th & 24th NW is a bad, bad intersection. It violates my #1 rule for good bike routes - it is a main car commuting intersection. Cars on 65th are in a hurry heading east to get to work in the AM and west in the PM. They regularly run the light which is especially bad because large buildings make the view blind to them and conflicting traffic.

This intersection is especially bad in the morning because cycling commuters are typically heading south (downhill) very, very fast and it is too tempting to watch the light and blast through the intersection at 40.

Ted Diamond said...

Glad it wasn't you -- that was my first concern (no, I'm not being sarcastic). I thought I read this happened in the middle of the night, so thought it unlikely to be you. You know, since us geezers like to be in bed by 8.

Kevin Connors said...

It happened at 9:00am. I may be out of work, but I usually get up before then! ;-)

Ted Diamond said...

Uh, 9AM. Us geezers like to be in bed by 9AM

Ted Diamond said...

This from MVA list:

Sent: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 3:58 pm
Subject: Tragic Day for the Seattle Cycling Community

Area cyclists,

Unfortunately, I have a sad piece of news to report to you this afternoon.

As some of you have already heard, there was a cyclist/ car accident in the Ballard area this morning. I am sad to say that the cyclist has passed due to injury. The rider was Kevin Black, formerly of the Wines team and currently racing for Rubicon.

The news story can be seen here:

Information for those interested in memorial, family support and other will be coming shortly. I will keep you abreast as more is released.

I am going to use this email to ask all of you to PLEASE be careful out there. As the winter winds down and we spend more and more time on the road we need to remember that this is dangerous sharing the road with vehicles that can do us extreme harm.

Take the risk in the race, not in traffic.

Ride hard. Ride safe.

Kevin Connors said...

This is a sad day indeed. Kevin's children go to school with mine. Kevin and I saw each other nearly every day as we dropped our children off at school. He would razz me about my girly Pinarello and I about his cheap fixie. You could not meet a kinder, more positive guy.

Chad will remember meeting him at Crosstoberfest where we raced around with Kevin cheering on his daughter Emily.

Wow, this hits home. One minute you say bye to the kids at school, you hop on the bike, ride down the hill, the next minute it's over.

Ted Diamond said...

Now that you mention it, the name seems familiar -- he & I may have overlapped for a bit when I was on Seattle Velo.

Dark day.

poser said...

This makes me so sad. I'm tired of reading articles like this.

Kevin - I'm sorry to hear that this was an acquaintance of yours.

ugh - this just makes me sick. His poor family.


Ted Diamond said...

One more and then I'll stop.

Again from MVA list:
A memorial ride for Kevin Black has been scheduled for today 5:30 PM at 24th and 65th in Ballard. Ride Safe!

Kevin Connors said...

Correction: Tonight there is a candle light vigil. This weekend there will be a memorial ride.