Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cyclist, not Biker

I occasionally have to put up with lectures from grumpy cage drivers, who seem to think that I am the secretary for the Evil Bike Cabal. "Tell those bikers who ride them sit back bikes (I'm guessing recumbent) that I can't see them and they'd better do something to be more visible". Etc etc tetra etc. But what bothers me most is being constantly called a 'biker'. I'd rather have an icepick rammed under my toenail than trade my '72 Ron Cooper for a '72 H-D Shovelhead. So I've put together a short compare and contrast, and would really appreciate any further help fleshing it out.

BIKER black leather

CYCLIST black lycra

BIKER shaved head

CYCLIST shaved legs

BIKER tattoos of Harley-Davidson and beer

CYCLIST tattoos of Campagnolo and beer

BIKER 240 lbs, big biceps

CYCLIST 160 lbs, big thighs

BIKER speed associated with loud pipes, burning fuel

CYCLIST speed associated with loud grunting, burning quads

BIKER subculture: Hell's Angels

CYCLIST subculture: messengers

SAME breakdowns attract help; get run over by cars; love speed and the wind on skin; always looking for a quiet twisty road

DIFFERENT cycling makes one thinner and stronger

Of course, the really choice term comes from George W Bush when he met Lance Armstrong and stated, "So yer a bi-sick-ler?"


Ted Diamond said...

Favorite misspelled Leonard:
Bikers: Skynyrd
Cyclists: Zinn

Ted Diamond said...

What you wear on your feet:
Biker: Boots
Cyclist: Booties